Cultural Resource Protection for Private Landowners - Site Resources

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Helpful Resources

A wealth of resources, such as printed publications and Web sites, exist to help landowners and land managers protect and manage cultural resources on their land. Some of those resources are presented here. Similar resources are grouped together to ease the task of finding the resources you need.

Organizations and Partnerships lists organizations that assist landowners and land managers with cultural resource protection.

Site Stabilization includes resources that provide archaeological site stabilization techniques, which may be necessary in the event of erosion, looting, or other activities that cause a site to become destabilized.

Conservation Easements lists resources on conservation easements and tax benefits of historic preservation.

Florida Archaeology provides references on the general history and prehistory of Florida.

The Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research has helpful resources on archaeological site protection. For more information about these resources, contact the Bureau at (850)245-6444, or order publications on site protection online.