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The reconstructed council house at Mision San Luis, Tallahassee, FL

Native Governance

Much like a capitol building, council houses were the seat of power at Florida's Indian settlements. They were considered the property of the chief, and roughly corresponded with the size and importance of a village. Council houses date back to prehistoric times, but they were also described by historic ranging from Fay André

According to the American society of Civil Engineers, Florida's El Camino Real extended from St. Augustine to San Antonio, Texas south to Mexico City, and west to Vera Cruz on the Mexican coast. Other portions of El Camino Real connected California and the Southwest with Mexico.

Floor plan of the council house at Mission San Luis based on archaeological excavations. Bird's eye view of the Apalachee council house. A. Major support post and beam; B. Purlins (tatch support); C. Bench support posts; D. Central hearth; E. Palm thatch; F. Roof opening; G. Roof rafters; H. Benches

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