Celebrate Florida Archaeology Thoughout Our State!

Two images, Top: Clarksdale bells from Florida. Bottom: Florida map with locations where Carksdale bells have been found. 1. St. Marks Wildlife Refuge; 2. Dunn's Creek; 3. Rattlesnake Mound; 4. Thomas Mound; 5. Goodnow Mound; 6. Bee Branch


Among the most popular trade goods Columbus carried to the New World were small bells, originally made in Europe for falconry (hence the common name "hawks' bells"). It is not unusual to find bells on historic sites throughout Florida since they continued to be prized by Native Americans for centuries.

These bells were made of sheet brass or copper, and come in several shapes and sizes. One particular type, known as Clarksdale bells, is generally believed to date to the 16th century and is often associated with early Spanish explorers.

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