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The ruins of the sugar mill at the Three Chimneys Site.

The Three Chimneys Site

The Three Chimneys Site represents the ruins of the oldest sugar mill and rum distillery in Florida, and possibly all of North America. In 1764, King George III granted the land to Richard Oswald, a Scotsman. The next year 50 slaves and an overseer walked from St. Augustine to clear land and plant sugarcane in what is now Ormond Beach. In 1766 Oswald established a plantation on the newly cleared site to produce rum and sugar. The site is a key reminder of agricultural and industrial life in Florida during its time as a British colony from 1763-1783. It also tells the tragic story of sugar plantation slavery in Florida and the Circum-Caribbean region.

Two images of Artifacts from the wreck of teh San José, hand painted ceramic bowl and brass navigation dividers.

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