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Florida's History Through Its Places

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Washington County

648 - Chipley
Chipley SOUTH 3RD STREET HISTORIC DISTRICT 1887-1938. 21 buildings, 16 of historical interest. Frame Vernacular. An old, affluent neighborhood that emerged about 10 years after town was founded. Most of the town leaders lived within the district. Curiously, those who built here chose Vernacular styles instead of the then-popular Revival styles found in most other communities of the day. Private. N.R. 1989.

649 - Vicinity of Vernon
Vicinity of Vernon MOSS HILL CHURCH Jct. of Vernon and Greenhead Rds. 1857. Frame Vernacular. 1 story. The church is the oldest unaltered building in Washington County and is credited as the second building in the county with glass windows. An excellent example of unaltered frontier construction. Private. N.R. 1983.

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