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Florida's History Through Its Places

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Santa Rosa County

569 - Bagdad
Bagdad BAGDAD VILLAGE HISTORIC DISTRICT 1840-1930. 222 buildings, 144 of historical interest. Frame Vernacular, many with both Creole and Gulf Coast elements. Site of one of West Florida's largest lumber mills. Like other mill towns, Bagdad declined when the mill closed. The town has a number of 2-story commercial buildings built from plans purchased from Stearns and Culver of Chicago. Public and Private. N.R. 1987.

574 - Milton
Milton MILTON HISTORIC DISTRICT 1840-1930. 162 buildings, 117 or historical interest. Frame Vernacular, Colonial Revival, Bungalow styles predominate. Town was of great importance as a lumber center. Located at the upper navigable limits of the Blackwater River. In its early days 3-masted schooners sailed up the river to pick up cotton and lumber. Public and Private. N.R. 1987.

576 - Milton
Milton OLLINGER-COBB HOUSE 302 Pine St. c. 1870. Gothic elements. 1 and a half stories, frame, originally a simple cottage, but altered to include a large pyramidal roof tower and other elements, mainly Gothic. Home of Joseph Ollinger, ship's carpenter who immi

570 - Vicinity of Chumuckla
Vicinity of Chumuckla THOMAS CREEK ARCHAEOLOGICAL DISTRICT East of Chumuckla. 8000 B.C.-early 19th century. Archaic to Historic period. Several sites in area show evidence of human occupation for approximately 10,000 years. Public. N.R. 1985.

571 - Milton
Milton BETHUNE BLACKWATER SCHOONER Well-preserved coastal schooner submerged in harbor. Located on the edge of a small slough that connects with Blackwater River. Little is known about its origin. Site has been studied intensely by underwater archaeologists. Public. N.R. 1991.

572 - Milton
Milton FLORIDA STATE ROAD NO. 1 E of Milton, parallel to U.S. 90. 1921. 6-mile brick highway completed in 1921. Most presently not in use. The first section of a paved highway that was to run from Jacksonville to the Pacific coast. It was to be named the Old Spanish Trail. Public and Private. N.R. 1991.

573 - Milton
Milton LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE DEPOT 206 Henry St. 1909. Frame Vernacular. 1 story. Building follows standard plan of L and N Railroad Co. stations. Little altered from when it was built. Private. N.R. 1982.

575 - Milton
Milton MT. PILGRIM AFRICAN BAPTIST CHURCH Corner of Alice and Clara Sts. 1916. Gothic Revival. Wallace A. Rayfield, architect. 1 story. Red brick exterior, windows are Gothic arched. Designer was one of the nation's leading black architects. Constructed by members of the congregation who were primarily descendants of the original members of the church. Private. N.R. 1992.

577 - Milton
Milton ST. MARY'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH AND RECTORY 6842 Oak St. 1872+. Gothic Revival (church), Greek Revival (rectory). Church: 1 story, frame, board-and-batten, with gabled roof. Rectory: 1 and a half stories, frame, full-width porch. Church and rectory erected by Dr. Charles E. McDougall, rector of the church as well as a physician. Private-Public. N.R. 1982.

578 - Vicinity of Milton
Vicinity of Milton ARCADIA MILL SITE 1 mi. SW of Milton. 1817-1855. One of the earliest industrial complexes in territorial Florida. Composed of a saw mill, a cotton textile mill, a mule-powered railroad, a rock quarry, a bucket factory, and workers' living quarters. The site is expected to yield important information about industrial technology and society in the Antebellum South. Private. 1987.

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