Historical Reports

Florida's History Through Its Places

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Taylor County

591 - Perry
Perry OLD PERRY POST OFFICE 201 E. Green St. 1935. Masonry Vernacular with Mediterranean Revival elements. 1 story. Only public building erected in the county by the Public Works Administration, a Depression Era effort to provide employment. George Snow Hill, prominent Florida painter, was given a government grant to execute a mural. Entitled Cypress Logging, it is now found in the new post office. Public. N.R. 1989.

592 - Perry
Perry OLD TAYLOR COUNTY JAIL 400 block of N. Washington St. 1912. Masonry Vernacular. Benjamin Bosworth Smith, architect. 2 stories. T-shaped, with hipped roof. The oldest remaining public building in Taylor County. One of the few remaining jails with a sheriff's residence in Florida. Private. N.R. 1989.

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