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Brevard County

36 - Cocoa
Cocoa ALADDIN THEATER BUILDING 300 Brevard Ave. 1924. Italian Renaissance. P. Thornton Marye, architect. 4 stories. Concrete slab foundation. Flat ceramic roof. Restored in the 1980s to its original appearance. Building displays fine decorative brickwork. Focal point of community's civic and cultural activities during the late 1920s and 1930s. Public. N.R. 1991.

38 - Cocoa
Cocoa PORCHER HOUSE 434 Delannoy Ave. 1916. Classical Revival. 2 and a half stories, coquina limestone, 2-story semicircular portico with 4 fluted Ionic columns. Built for Edward Postel Porcher, pioneer citrus grower. It is an example of the Classical Revival style adapted to the Florida environment. Restored in 1987. Public. N.R. 1986.

40 - Courtenay
Courtenay OLD ST. LUKE'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH AND CEMETERY 5555 N. Tropical Trail. 1888. Late Gothic Revival. 1 story. Vertical board-and-batten exterior. Interior walls completely unfinished and are the inner side of the board-and-batten exterior. One of the earliest surviving buildings in the community. Private. N.R. 1990. /facts/reports/places/Sites/8BR00860_hill.gif

39 - Indianola
Indianola DR. GEORGE E. HILL HOUSE 870 Indianola Dr. 1890. Frame Vernacular. 2 stories. Exterior of weatherboard. Built as a winter hunting refuge for Dr. Hill, a Scranton, Pennsylvania, dentist. A 937-foot dock, now in ruin, associated with the house. Private. N.R. 1993.

42 - Melbourne Beach
Melbourne Beach COMMUNITY CHAPEL OF MELBOURNE BEACH 501 Ocean Ave. 1892, 1942. Frame Vernacular. Rufus Beaujean, architect. 1 story. Front gabled roof, stained glass windows over alter installed in 1942. One of the earliest existing nonresidential structures in the community. Private. N.R. 1992.

45 - Palm Bay
Palm Bay ST. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC CHURCH Miller St. NE. 1914. Frame Vernacular with elements of Stick style. Rectangular with gabled roof and board-and-batten siding. One of the earliest churches in community. Private. N.R. 1987.

46 - Rockledge
Rockledge BARTON AVENUE RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT 1884-1926. 44 buildings, 41 of historical interest. Mainly Frame Vernacular and a few of various Revival styles. District reflects the early period of settlement of Rockledge and many of the buildings are representative of the city's beginnings as a tourist resort during the late 19th century. Public and Private. N.R. 1992.

47 - Rockledge
Rockledge ROCKLEDGE DRIVE RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT 1880-1926. 124 buildings, 100 of historical interest. Mainly Frame Vernacular, with some Revival style buildings. Rockledge Drive, which follows the Indian River, is among the most scenic historic roads in Florida. District contains a former city hall and fine boat houses. Public and Private. N.R. 1992.

48 - Rockledge
Rockledge VALENCIA SUBDIVISION RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT 1924-1926. 71 buildings, 56 of historical interest. Mediterranean Revival. Comprised entirely of single-family residences, all executed in the Mediterranean Revival style. The majority of the buildings are masonry with exterior stucco walls. Private. N.R. 1992.

52 - Titusville
Titusville PRITCHARD HOUSE 424 S. Washington Ave. c. 1891. Queen Anne. 2 stories. frame. Includes ogee-shaped bargeboard with encased scroll work on front facade. James Pritchard, born in New York, came to Titusville in 1876 and became a banker. He operated the city's first electric generator on the grounds of his home. Private. N.R. 1990.

55 - Titusville
Titusville SPELL HOUSE 1200 Riverside Dr. c. 1911. Queen Anne. 2 and a half stories. Queen Anne. One of the best remaining examples of Queen Anne style in Titusville. James Spell was the first licensed pharmacist in the town. Home remains in the Spell family. Private. N.R. 1990.

56 - Titusville
Titusville TITUSVILLE COMMERCIAL DISTRICT 1890-1930. 24 buildings, 21 of historical interest. Mediterranean Revival. All buildings are 1 and 2 story. Area was mostly developed in the 1920s land boom when the Mediterranean Revival architectural style was very popular in Florida. Private. N.R. 1990.

57 - Titusville
Titusville WAGER HOUSE 621 Indian River Ave. c. 1895. Frame Vernacular. 2 and a half stories. Associated with Ellis Wager, son of the builder, who published the Florida Star, the county's first newspaper. Often used for community social events. Private. N.R. 1990.

37 - Cocoa
Cocoa CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION LAUNCH PADS NOS. 5, 6, 13, 14, 19, 26, 34 AND CONTROL Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. 1950+ . Launch pads, hangars, administrative buildings, and other facilities related to the nation's space programs. The nation's first unmanned probes into space and near space, followed by manned space flights, were launched from Cape Canaveral. Public. N.R. 1984.

41 - Melbourne
Melbourne FLORIDA POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY ICE PLANT 1604 S. Harbor City Blvd. 1927. 2 stories, masonry, decorative stucco detailing. Of great commercial importance to the community, serving households and commercial establishments as well as local commercial fishermen. During the pre-World War II period utility companies throughout Florida commonly produced and sold ice, since home refrigerators were rare. Private. H.R. 1982.

43 - Melbourne Beach
Melbourne Beach MELBOURNE BEACH PIER Ocean Ave. and Riverside Dr. 1888-1889. 650 feet long, 12 feet wide. Vital to the establishment and initial growth of the town, the oldest beach community in the county. Used for docking of passenger and freight vessels. Since 1920s primarily used for recreation. Public. N.R. 1984.

53 - Titusville
Titusville JUDGE GEORGE ROBBINS HOUSE 703 Indian River Ave. c. 1892. Dutch Colonial Revival. 2 story. George Robbins, born in Maine, was a lawyer who moved to Florida in 1886. He worked for Henry Flagler, who built the railroad along Florida's east coast. Private. N.R. 1990.

54 - Titusville
Titusville ST. GABRIEL'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 414 Palm Ave. 1887. Gothic Revival. Edwin G. Weed, architect. 1 story, frame, gabled roof, pointed arched windows with stained glass, tall steeple at southeast corner. Church is noted for its fine collection of Victorian stained glass. Private. N.R. 1972.

44 - Vicinity of Merritt Island
Vicinity of Merritt Island OLD HAULOVER CANAL N of Merritt Island. 1843. 725 feet long. Situated on the narrowest part of Merritt Island. Used by Indians and traders as a portage for their canoes until the canal was dug. Private/Public. N.R. 1978.

49 - Vicinity of Rockledge
Vicinity of Rockledge MOCCASIN ISLAND On the SE shore of Lake Winder approximately 8 miles SW of Rockledge. 4000 b.c.-2000 b.c., 500 b.c.-a.d. 800, a.d. 800-a.d. 1565. Archaic and St. Johns periods . A midden 740 feet by 100 feet. Highest elevation is 6 feet. Abundant material, including food remains and pottery fragments. Private. N.R. 1994.

50 - Vicinity of Rockledge
Vicinity of Rockledge PERSIMMONS MOUND On the E bank of a former channel of the St. Johns River approximately 10 miles SW of Rockledge. 4000 b.c.-2000 b.c., 500 b.c.-a.d. 800, a.d. 800-a.d. 1565. A midden 165 feet by 100 feet. Highest elevation 4.2 feet. Within it have been found animal bones, pottery fragments, tools, and shell. Public. N.R. 1994.

51 - Vicinity of Rockledge
Vicinity of Rockledge TURTLE MOUND (Duda Ranch Mound) On the E bank of the St. Johns River floodplain approximately 11 miles SW of Rockledge. 4000 b.c.-2000 b.c., 500 b.c.-a.d. 800, a.d. 800-a.d. 1565. Midden 320 feet by 205 feet. Highest elevation 11 feet. Midden contains a wide variety of cultural material. Private. N.R. 1994.

58 - Vicinity of Titusville
Vicinity of Titusville INDIAN FIELDS On the SE bank of Ruth Lake, approximately 8 miles west of Titusville. 4000 b.c.-2000 b.c., 500 b.c.-a.d. 800, a.d. 800-a.d. 1565. Archaic and St. Johns periods. A 540-feet-by-400-feet midden, 11 feet at highest elevation. Contains abundant food remains as well as pottery fragments. Private. N.R. 1994.

59 - Vicinity of Titusville
Vicinity of Titusville LAUNCH COMPLEX 39 Kennedy Space Center. 1968. Launch site of many space voyages including first U.S. unmanned earth orbital (1967), first lunar landing (1969), Apollo-Soyuz (1975) and all shuttle missions (1981-present). Public. N.R. 1973.

60 - Vicinity of Titusville
Vicinity of Titusville WINDOVER ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE. 5000 b.c. A small isolated peat deposit containing human burials and artifacts dating from the Early Archaic period. One of the largest collections of human skeletal material in the New World, made famous by the discovery of human skulls with brain tissue containing DNA. Private. N.R. 1987.

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