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Florida's History Through Its Places

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Clay County

81 - Green Cove Springs
Green Cove Springs CLAY COUNTY COURTHOUSE Brabantio Ave. 1890. Italianate and Second Renaissance elements. A.E. McClure, architect. 2 stories, brick, stuccoed, round arched entrance and small arcaded porch. 1 of only 4 pre-1900 county courthouses extant in the state. Public. N.R. 1975.

82 - Green Cove Springs
Green Cove Springs GREEN COVE SPRINGS HISTORIC DISTRICT 1869-1938. 113 buildings, 85 of historical interest. Frame and Masonry Vernacular the most common architectural style, with some Revival residences. The business district of a major port on the St. Johns River during the steamboat period. A number of buildings reflect the relative prosperity of the town during the period. Public and Private. N.R. 1991.

85 - Hibernia
Hibernia ST. MARGARET'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Old Church Rd. 1875. Gothic Revival. 1 story, board-and-batten siding. One of the smallest chapels in the state. The interior is beautifully paneled and wainscoted with local pine. Fine stained-glass windows. Private. N.R. 1973.

89 - Middleburg
Middleburg CLARK-CHALKER HOUSE 3891 Main St. c. 1850s. Masonry Vernacular with French Colonial elements. 2 and a half stories. Tongue-and-groove boards cover the facade. One of the original houses built in the town and associated with 2 of the pioneer families o

90 - Middleburg
Middleburg GEORGE RANDOLPH FRISBEE JR. HOUSE 2125 Palmetto St. 1889. Frame Vernacular. 2 stories. Steep-pitched side gabled roof. 2-story hip-roof porch. Built at the height of Middleburg's development when the town had many more residents than today. Frisbee ran a grocery store. Private. N.R. 1990.

91 - Middleburg
Middleburg HASKELL-LONG HOUSE 3890 Main St. 1890. Frame Vernacular. 2 stories. Metal-roof porch, fieldstone fireplace. Built largely of local materials. Representative of the steamboat era of town's development. Private. N.R. 1990.

92 - Middleburg
Middleburg METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH AT BLACK CREEK 3925 Main St. 1847. Frame Vernacular. Charles F. Barthlow, architect. 1 story. 3-part bell tower dominates the main facade. Built during town's first significant period of expansion. One of only 2 surviving antebellum buildings in community. Built by slaves. Private. N.R. 1990.

93 - Middleburg
Middleburg MIDDLEBURG HISTORIC DISTRICT 1835-1912. 9 buildings, 6 of historical interest. Frame Vernacular, with Victorian and Italianate elements. Middleburg was a town of much greater relative importance in the area during the 19th century than today. Oldest house is the Clark-Chalker House on 3891 Main St. (c. 1835). N.R. 1990.

83 - Green Cove Springs
Green Cove Springs ST. MARY'S CHURCH St. Johns Ave. 1878. Carpenter Gothic. Lewis, Lawrence and Adams, architects. 1 story, frame, board-and-batten siding, square steeple with octagonal spire. One of the best examples of Carpenter Gothic style in Florida. The church was heavily supported by winter residents of the community. Private. N.R. 1978.

87 - Middleburg
Middleburg FROSARD W. BUDINGTON HOUSE 3916 Main St. 1910. Queen Anne. 1 story. This is the only example of this style in the community. Budington was a prominent realtor during town's most prosperous period, when it was a major port on the St. Johns River. Private. N.R. 1990.

88 - Middleburg
Middleburg GEORGE A. CHALKER HOUSE 2160 Wharf St. 1897. Classical Revival. 2 stories. Wood frame with a flat-roof porch with crowning balustrades. Chalker ran a ferry service on Black Creek and later owned a general store. Private. N.R. 1990.

84 - Vicinity of Green Cove Springs
Vicinity of Green Cove Springs PRINCESS MOUND Fleming Island. 800 b.c.-a.d. 1300. St. Johns period. Aboriginal sand mound on upland hammock. Hematite nodules, lithics and ceramics found in a mound measuring 33 feet by 17 feet with a maximum height of 5 feet. Function was probably ceremonial. Private. N.R. 1990.

86 - Vicinity of Hibernia
Vicinity of Hibernia BUBBA MIDDEN E. bank of Black Creek, 2 miles N of its confluence with St. Johns River. 500 b.c.-a.d. 800. St. Johns period. Small refuge midden with aboriginal lithic and ceramic artifacts present. Private. N.R. 1990.

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