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Collier County

101 - Naples
Naples NAPLES HISTORIC DISTRICT 1887-1937. 102 buildings, 78 of historical interest. Vernacular Victorian cottages and simple board-and-batten bungalows. Naples was first developed in 1887 by a group of Kentucky investors. Many homes were built by Midwest families for winter occupancy. Local materials commonly used in construction, including oyster tabby and oolitic limestone. Private. N.R. 1987.

94 - Big Cypress National Preserve
Big Cypress National Preserve THE PLAZA SITE Near Ochopee. 500 b.c.-a.d. 1700. Glades period. 4 distinct black-earth midden mounds. Major prehistoric village site. Cultural deposits at the site contained well-preserved materials reflecting subsistence and settlement patterns of early occupants. Public. N.R. 1986.

96 - Chokoloskee Island
Chokoloskee Island TED SMALLWOOD STORE Fl. 29 in Everglades National Park. 1917. Frame Vernacular. 1 story, board-and-batten, raised on 6-foot pilings. C.S. "Ted" Smallwood came to the island in 1897 and became a large landowner. He ran a general store and the post office. Private. N.R. 1974.

97 - Key Island
Key Island KEEWAYDIN CLUB 1935-. A complex of 20 buildings and 8 supporting structures. The major structure is the lodge, a 1-story irregular shaped building built of local yellow pine. Cottages nearby are 1-story Vernacular. One of a series of camps associated with the Keewaydin Movement, which began in 1849 to promote education through contact with the physical environment. Presently a retreat. Private. N.R. 1987.

102 - Naples
Naples PALM COTTAGE 137 12th Ave. S. 1890+. Masonry Vernacular. 1 and a half stories, tabby exterior walls, stuccoed, 1-story screen porch on front. Built as winter home of Henry Watterson, editor of the Louisville Courier-Journal. One of the few remaining tabby-built buildings in Florida. Tabby is a primitive form of concrete made from local materials. Private. N.R. 1982.

103 - Naples
Naples SEABOARD COAST LINE RAILROAD DEPOT 1051 5th Ave. S. 1926. Mediterranean Revival. L. Philips Clarke, architect. 1 story, concrete, stuccoed. Open arcade on 3 sides with 5 semicircular arches and 4 Corinthian columns. One of the oldest structures in Naples. Typical example of early railroad terminal buildings constructed in the state in 1920s. Now used as community art center and railroad museum. Private. N.R. 1974.

95 - Vicinity of Carnestown
Vicinity of Carnestown HALFWAY CREEK SITE a.d. 800-a.d. 1400. Glades and Seminole periods. Black-dirt midden on 0.5 acres. An excellent example of a prehistoric midden within a mangrove estuarine environment. Site includes evidence of 19th-century Seminole occupation. Public. N.R. 1980.

98 - Vicinity of Miles City
Vicinity of Miles City HINSON MOUNDS 3 mi. NE of Miles City. a.d. 400-a.d. 900. Glades period. Mounds on a hardwood hammock island which have produced evidence of Native American occupation. Public. N.R. 1978.

99 - Vicinity of Miles City
Vicinity of Miles City PLATT ISLAND N of Miles City off Fl. 29. a.d. 400-a.d. 900. Glades period. A hardwood hammock within a cypress slough containing mounds with materials reflecting subsistence and settlement patterns. Public. N.R. 1978.

100 - Vicinity of Monroe Station
Vicinity of Monroe Station C. J. OSTL SITE Off U.S. 41 near 50-Mile Bend. a.d. 800-a.d. 1200. Glades period. Black-dirt midden on a hammock island. Due to isolation one of the best-preserved midden sites in area. Public. N.R. 1978.

104 - Vicinity of Ochopee
Vicinity of Ochopee BURNS LAKE SITE 3 mi. W of Ochopee on U.S. 41. a.d. 500-a.d. 1400. Glades period. 3 oval midden mounds covering approximately 1 acre. Prehistoric village area containing well-preserved materials reflecting subsistence and settlement patterns of occupants. Public. N.R. 1986.

105 - Vicinity of Ochopee
Vicinity of Ochopee SUGAR POT SITE Big Cypress Swamp. a.d. 1000-a.d. 1400, a.d. 1800-a.d. 1900. Glades, Seminole, Historic periods. Hardwood hammock with 4 black oval mounds clustered around a plaza. Public. N.R. 1978.

106 - Vicinity of Ochopee
Vicinity of Ochopee TURNER RIVER SITE 3 mi. S of Ochopee. a.d. 400-a.d. 1400 Glades period. Site includes 4 black-dirt mounds. Public. N.R. 1978.

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