Florida Historical Marker Program

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Marker Installation Instructions

  1. Dig a hole 36 inches deep with a post hole digger.
  2. Plumb post in the hole.
  3. Fill hole with dirt (can use concrete if sandy soil) to within 6 inches of the top.
  4. Fill top of hole with concrete (secrete works fine). You might cut the bottom out of a 5 gallon plastic bucket to use as a form. Slip the bucket down over the post so it is resting on the ground at the top of the hole. When you fill the top of the hole with concrete, bring the concrete up about 4 to 6 inches above the ground. When hardened, cut the plastic form away and you have a nice curb around the post which will prevent mowers and trimmers from tearing the skin off the post.
  5. Sit the marker on the post and secure with the six allen head screws provided with the marker.

The entire job should only take one person one hour.